In this episode, Kalen sits down with Willem Wigman, the Executive Director at Hyva Themes.

[00:00:00] Willem: If you ask me, we’ve been doing that for 10 years, Magento always has been composable a lot of people used it as a composable system. If you integrate ACH as a PIM and no vision as a E R P and you have search coming from CVU or from Sensi, from Adobe and your emails come from MailChimp at Cedar, that’s all composed.

[00:00:41] Kalen: I had this kind of realization recently that I should just kind of focus on audio like that, that always was kind of what, you know, that was what worked in the past with ma talk, you know? Um,

[00:00:51] Willem: did you, yeah, I was wondering about that. Did you, did you start off purely as phone calls? So to say without, without [00:01:00] video, when you started doing that with, uh, Philip.

[00:01:03] Kalen: yeah, yeah, it was. Yeah, no, it was just, um, it was just audio for, for years. Um, um, Yeah. And then, you know, then at some point it was like, oh, you know, video is, you know, you can, you can do more with video. And so you kind of just assume video is, is better. But, um, I don’t know. And I, and a lot of the, um, a lot of the podcasts that I like to listen to are like audio only as well.

So it’s like, well, what the heck? You know, give it,

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Per Kalen’s suggestion, this episode will be in Memorium to the passage of the Magento brand, now renamed Adobe Commerce.

It is also, definitely, totally not in any way in relation to the 12 hours of downtime experienced by recently.

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