Per Kalen’s suggestion, this episode will be in Memorium to the passage of the Magento brand, now renamed Adobe Commerce.

It is also, definitely, totally not in any way in relation to the 12 hours of downtime experienced by recently.

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No longer coming to you live from his kitchen table, David Manners joins us for his FIFTH appearance on MageTalk, an-all time guest record. Kalen sits down with David to discuss some of the finer things in life including balance, building a team. Also – can video games help dev team members socialize? Listen now!

Kalen finally convinced Damian to join Twitter in March. Things are looking up! Building on PWA is all too common for Graycore, and Damian shares his experience in delivering the next generation of headless commerce experiences with Magento. Listen now!

Eric Hileman sits down with Kalen to discuss team remote culture, how to maintain open communication in Slack, and how to balance technical discussion in meetings with non-technical contributors. Listen now!

What happens when a Dutchman with no air conditioning meets a Texan who sits mere inches away from an industrial chiller? Hijinx and hilarity! In this episode of Magetalk, Kalen sits down with Guido Jansen, and discusses the psychology of eCommerce and Conversion Rate Optimization, the future of the Magento Assocication, some Webflow-isms, and much more. Listen now!

Kalen is joined by the venerable Riccardo Tempesta (a.k.a THE RICK) – CTO at MageSpecialist. They discuss the separation between a company and a personal brand, and Kalen’s forever stan of PHP as a coding language. Listen now!

How do you create an accurate budget? Is there a difference between a good agency or a bad agency – and is there a correlation between developer happiness and their fit; and what about factors that make a good consultant? These are all important considerations for growing agencies trying to attract and retain developers to build growing Magento stores.

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How do you create better habits? How do you do more creative work? Does your day have a predictable structure and are you trying to optimize that for productivity or for happiness? Kalen and Phillip dive into more meta topics of productivity and focus.

Also, we talk about TikTok.

Yeah, the content is pretty varied but what do you expect? It’s MageTalk. Recorded from a Youtube Live on July 13, 2020.

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Is Content Security Policy dead? Magento security mastermind Willem Degroot thinks so. We delve into a bunch of topics and have a rousing debate around the future of security and – of course – Magento’s End of Life. Recorded during a Youtube Live session from June 24, 2020

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