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The guys set the record straight on a few things they got wrong, grill newly-hired Magento Evangelist Ben Marks about his role, ask hard questions (where are the forums?) and Ben name-drops with all of the PHP folks he’s getting to know in his newfound role.

  • 9:48 Software release schedules around holidays and the idea of release candidates.
  • 28:45 Kalen reminisces about his early days of working with Magento
  • 29:32 Ben talks about how he got his start in teaching the Magento U courses and the filming of the first video that is still available online.
  • 36:11 How Magento 2 is doing a better job of communicating with the community
  • 38:50 Search in Magento
  • 40:55 Ben talks about what it means being a Developer Evangelist for Magento and how he measures the success of the position
  • 1:01:36 How can the community help Ben
  • 1:03:07 Ben drops some hints about the new forum solution Magento is looking at for replacing the now read-only forums and a possibly timeline for its release.

Corrections for Ep12

  • Colin Mollenhour never submitted code surrounding the improvements in indexing for EE 1.13, but he had exchanged emails with the core team on ideas. Piotr Kaminski clarified that there were already conversations happening internally along these same lines of thinking.
  • Piotr also clarified that none of Kalen’s gloriously beautiful code was used in the responsive email designs for EE 1.14. It all came from Classy Llama. Props to the Llamas.

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Show Notes

  • 5:52 Phil and Kalen clear the air on what is going on with the elusive Episode 13
  • 9:18 Phil talks about some weird experiences with eCommerce that occurred over his vacation
  • 13:40 Hosting Magento in the cloud
  • 14:58 Phil and Kalen discuss some of the infrastructure of the site that was crushed by the Today Show appearance
  • 22:15 The Kalen + Phil origin story
  • 27:03 Magento licensing discussion
  • 32:06 Kalen and Phil introduce listener feedback
  • 34:38 The MageTalk Drinking game@pronto2000
  • 36:03 Kimberely Thomas controversy
  • 39:44 Inside MageMail
  • 55:18 Sweet Tooth interview [Kalen Intro]
  • 56:29 Sweet Tooth interview
  • 56:54 What is Sweet Tooth (hint: they are not a candy shop)
  • 59:00 Expanding into other platforms / Moving to SaaS
  • 1:04:06 Magento vs. Shopify partner programs
  • 1:12:42 Magento Connect vs Shopify App Store
  • 1:26:25 Revenue share per platform
  • 1:28:20 Content marketing
  • 1:29:20 Kalen used to work for Sweet Tooth
  • 1:32:54 What makes Sweet Tooth a great place to work at
  • 1:34:06 Sweet Tooth is hiring
  • 1:35:12 The loyalty industry




Show Notes

  • 1:45 Kalen talks about buying a new bike after his old one gets stolen out of his backyard
  • 6:50 The guys discuss Phil’s pronunciation nuances and Kalen’s obsession over constantly correcting him
  • 9:10 The guys discuss the controversy around California 6
  • 12:10 Kalen gives an update on MageMail
  • 16:07 Discussions around new hires at Clean and Something Digital
  • 22:49 What Phillip looks for in a potential hire
  • 33:16 Bootcamp programs for new developers
  • 35:32 Phillip talks about apprenticeships (or the lack thereof) in the industry
  • 37:44 Sponsor – Sonassi
  • 41:05 Extension of the week: Catalin SEO
  • 48:07 Code quality checking tools
  • 50:50 Kalen’s updated twitter bio
  • 51:55 Phillip lists some of his “dumb” ideas
  • 54:20 New MageMail feature – Recommendation engine based on purchase history



Show Notes

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 lands, Alan Kent waxes poetic about M2 Service Contracts and HHVM in his blog

- [On Magento 2 being "open source"](
- [M2 service contract patterns (Alan Kent)](
- [Alan Kent HHVM vs PHPNG](
- Ivan Chepurnyi seminar on TDD -
- Vinai post on upgrade scripts -


Show Notes

Mage Titans review is in – big hit! Sounds like a great new conference is here in the Magento Community! Phillip reviews Magento Live Germany 2014.

Show Notes

Kalen unveils a social network for Magento Developers, MageHero. Community members organize an event to close open questions on Magento Stackexchange.

  • #magestackday
  • Sign up for our email and receive a FREE bonus episode and enter to win a hand-signed copy of Vinai Kopp’s Grokking Magento book!
  • MageHero (previously known as “MageDevs”) online
  • MageHero GitHub:

Show Notes

Phillip goes to Magento Live Germany and interviews some well-known Magento Community members


  • Brent Peterson:
  • Akeneo:
  • Sylvain Rayé:
  • Tobias Zander:
  • Christian Münch:

Show Notes

Shellshock is a new vulnerability that’s taking the infosec world by storm – so the guys go deep on security today. Kalen is fascinated with a new book.

Listen until the very end!

Extension of the Week
Magento Configuration Sync by Nick Jones

Show Notes

  • Intro music created by Spectral Wolf – check out

  • The domain is finally setup. Thanks again to Matt from RocketWeb for hooking that up

  • Submit comments on the podcast at!

  • Alessandro Ronchi said “subscribe to MageTalk and you’ll love commuting!”. Thanks Allesandro!

  • Webgriffe_Maintenance allows you to easily put up a maintenance page for your site, for specific IP addresses, as well as basic authentication. Useful for locking down staging sites.

  • MageTalk has a blogroll!

  • The Llama Commerce Show is a cool podcast with great eCommerce strategy

  • MageTalk is not useful at all for actual eCommerce strategy. It’s more like inside baseball talk for the dev community.

  • The difference between waterfall and agile/retainer billing engagements for Systems Integrators.

  • Women in the Magento community are awesome!

  • It seems crazy to Kalen that more Magento stores aren’t with a solid, specialized Magento host.

  • Kalen is having a great experience with Sonassi for Magento hosting. Phillip’s had a great experience with Nexcess but not-so-great experience with hosting companies that shall not be named.

  • Back in 1999, Phillip had a blog roll, a web ring, and a PayPal link on his site.

  • Phillip owns 1 billionth of a Bitcoin.

  • The Jamaican bobsled team from the winter olympics this year were funded by Dogecoin.

  • PayPal is now accepting Bitcoin! Phillip is going to buy a carpenter’s pencil at Home Depot for his $5 worth of Bitcoin via PayPal.

  • You can go to City Winery in New York City and pay your bill with the PayPal app.

  • Some dude writes a crazy article on forbes that WooCommerce is a better and safer choice than Magento. Phillip posts a scathingly true, epic comment.

  • eBay is spinning PayPal off as a separate public company. Kalen thinks the sky is falling but Phillip reassures us that it’s no big deal.
    — Roy speculates that Magento will be sold off. The heck, bro?
    — DHH says “Ebay is like a foster home for tech adolescents who upset their industry and then didn’t know where to go. First Skype, now PayPal.”

  • Extension of the Week: Granify – which is a service that helps to drive sales by detecting customers that are getting ready to bounce and popping up some kind of notification to them based on what objections they may have to purchasing.

  • Homework for developers: For every site that you go to, copy and paste the price outside the browser to try to get a popup to come up.