David Manners is on the Community Engineering team at Magento helping to engage community members to convert them into core contributors. David’s a longtime fan of the show and occasional co-host. He is a cofounder of MageStackDay and is a renown speaker. And it turns out, he likes us a whole lot. He has been listening from the start and we helped him launch his Youtube Channel, Mage Engage, or as Phillip pronounces it, “mah-hay-en-gah-hay”.

We’re not taking full credit. Just most of the credit.

Credit where credit is due without you guys doing @MageTalk I would never have done @MageEngage @kalenjordan @philwinkle

— David Manners (@mannersd) February 11, 2015

We got together with David and asked him to pick his top 5 MageTalk episodes of all time. Yes, only five.

#5: Episode 97 – “My Own Personal Rant Platform”

Phillip gets grumpy (as per usual) about code shaming and how it harms Magento newcomers, and more broadly the industry itself. Demandware is acquired by Salesforce. Why does David like it? He says it’s “Classic MageTalk”.


#4: Episode 21 – “Take the 405 to Muggle Town”


#3: Episode 30 – TDD with Vinai Kopp

David likes this one because, as he puts it: *”We all could use a little more Vinai in our lives”


#2: Episode 100 – Interview with Mark Lavelle

Episode 100 features a personal interview with Magento Commerce’s own CEO, Mark Lavelle, who grew a fintech startup in Philadelphia called Bill Me Later into a Paypal acquisition for almost $1B, later leading the acquisition of Magento with Ebay Enterprise.


#1: Episode 105 – Supeegeddon -or- the Fourth Horseman of the Supeepocalypse

This is it – David’s favorite MageTalk episode. This is an interview with Magento Community Evangelist Benjamin H Marks (whose blog is at bhmarks.com) where we go deep on some systemic issues with Magento releases at the time – particularly around Magento 1 and security. We ask hard questions and we don’t pull punches; Ben punches right back. According to David: “It’s a brilliant listen”. We agree – it’s one of our highest-rated episodes of all time!


David’s Appearances

David has been on MageTalk once or twice – in fact he even hosted once! Here’s a playlist for you to get your dose of David on MageTalk: