• TJ Gamble

    You guys getting accused of being Magento Fanboys is funny. It’s obvious that you make your living off the Magento ecosystem, but one of my favorite things about this show and the Magento Community is that it’s not afraid to call Magento out on mistakes and concerns with their decisions. That’s a sign of a healthy community when criticism is open and the company considers it and responds appropriately.

    • Kalen Jordan

      Agreed! 🙂 Thanks TJ!

  • I am absolutely Mementoing this right now…

    And it is obvious that you are not in Magento’s pocket.

    • Kalen Jordan

      Haha love it! Another memento’er!

  • Matute Monts

    Guys you mention a cool YouTube channel and don’t link it in the show notes?


    • Kalen Jordan

      We’re the worst at show notes.


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