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Phillip & Kalen are joined by Tony Brown, Technical Director and Partner at Space48, and Jon Woodall, Managing Director at Space48.

Tony & Jon are the guys behind the 3-year strong development conferences, Mage Titans. The four talk about where the conference has been, the new territories it is going to, advice for answering the call for papers, what differentiates Titans from other conferences, and being THE developer-centric conference in the Magento space.

Mage Titans Statistics:

  • 55 Sponsors
  • 78 Speakers
  • Over 1000 Attendees
  • Raised Over £5300 For Charity

The second half of the podcast brings some great insights into 2017, embracing change, increasing the community reach into developing companies, online events, and what’s next for the guys at Space48.

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  • Just wanted to leave a little feedback….I am on the last leg of my cross-country road trip heading from California to Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon to Louisiana to Alabama to visit family during this holiday season, and it’s turned into a little bit of a Magento Road trip, Much to my delight!

    First and foremost I think it’s because I haven’t been keeping up with all of my MageTalk listening lately so I downloaded all of the recent episodes and Kalen and Philip have been keeping me company and awake during this cross country adventure.

    It’s also because I’ve been rocking my “did you just edit the core?” shirts and sweaters featuring the infamous Ben Marks during most of the trip (I bought like four of them as a birthday present to myself) 😎

    Besides the obvious benefit of Kalen and Philip keeping me awake during this long drive, I have to say the interview with Jon and Tony was amazing and really interesting. It’s great to hear how they envision & execute on the Mage Titans

    I also thought it was really cool to discover how diverse the different events are both in terms of the geographic locations and the approach that Tony and Jon had taken towards “franchising” the model.

    I was really fortunate that I got to spend my birthday this year in Austin at Mage Titans USA. I know that Jon specifically mentioned that it is particularly difficult organizing an event that’s longer than just one day or maybe a half a day like most of their earlier events, but I really appreciated the fact that not only did they put forth the effort to make the event more than one day but that they also coordinated a pre-event training session with Ivan and Joshua and also a postevent workshop as well.

    That kind of extra effort is especially helpful for those of us that travel a decent distance to get to the Mage Titans event as it allows us to maximize the travel budget by participating in several events for the price of one trip.

    Jon and Tony, I want to make sure and say Thanks again for all the great work that you’re doing bringing Mage Titans to the #realmagento Community!

    I also wanted to say thanks to Philip and Kalen for all the great work that you guys do to share all the interesting stuff that’s going on in the magento community via the podcast.

    • Kalen Jordan

      Thanks BJ! Appreciate that!


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