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Show Notes

  • 5:44 The guys set the record straight on a few things they got wrong on Episode 12. (See correction list below)
  • 9:48 Software release schedules around holidays and the idea of release candidates.
  • 28:45 Kalen reminisces about his early days of working with Magento
  • 29:32 Ben talks about how he got his start in teaching the Magento U courses and the filming of the first video that is still available online.
  • 36:11 How Magento 2 is doing a better job of communicating with the community
  • 38:50 Search in Magento
  • 40:55 Ben talks about what it means being a Developer Evangelist for Magento and how he measures the success of the position
  • 1:01:36 How can the community help Ben
  • 1:03:07 Ben drops some hints about the new forum solution Magento is looking at for replacing the now read-only forums and a possibly timeline for its release.

Corrections for Ep12

  • Colin Mollenhour never submitted code surrounding the improvements in indexing for EE 1.13, but he had exchanged emails with the core team on ideas. Piotr Kaminski clarified that there were already conversations happening internally along these same lines of thinking.
  • Piotr also clarified that none of Kalen’s gloriously beautiful code was used in the responsive email designs for EE 1.14. It all came from Classy Llama. Props to the Llamas.

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