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Show Notes


  • John Davis

    “i just created the atomic bomb, I didn’t know it was going to be used for bad” – CommerceHero

    • Kalen Jordan


  • Honestly Magento can get f$#ked we bought Bluefoot CMS for M1 cost us $500 about 2 weeks before the buyout then the thing wouldn’t work due to some obscure conflict i had to send 312941313 emails and social media posts to get any support to get our purchase to work took weeks before someone could help me.

    Doesn’t give me much faith to move our store to Enterprise M2.

    • Kalen Jordan

      Ah, sorry to hear that man! Honestly this is kind of a good example of why it *would* make sense for them to not support M1, which is having to pick up this kind of support burden. There are always going to be conflicts like this with any extension, and if they had to own the support for this, they’d have to dedicate resources to it, whereas I completely understand they need to focus their resources on M2.

      My only thing is for those people that can use it as-is for M1, it would be great if they could!

      • Not really this is just very poor customer service and it was my first paid interaction with Magento as a company which left a very sour taste in my mouth.

        • Kalen Jordan

          Ah gotcha yeah sorry I skimmed over the sending 312941313 emails to get any response part – that’s definitely not ideal. I don’t think their support dept is necessarily the snappiest :/

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