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Kalen is joined by Creatuity’s Joshua Warren for this episode on one the new One Touch Ordering, the Magento Community Engineering Program, Magento 2, productizing eCommerce, B2B and the community.

Amazon’s patent on the One Touch Ordering expiring, the Magento Community Engineering Program being set up and Mage Titans in Austin all coincided beautifully for Joshua & the team at Creatuity. We hear the story behind it’s development, the feedback it’s received and the reasons behind their decision to make One Touch Ordering open source.

Creatuity are a Magento Enterprise Solution Partner and have been in business for nearly 10 years. We hear about what makes them stand out as an agency, their plans for an Innovation Roadmap and how Joshua’s role has developed with the company.

“The eCommerce websites that are surviving and thriving are doing unique things.” – Joshua Warren

The guys discuss Launchpad, how productizing eCommerce is challenging and what you can do to keep costs and project lengths down without rolling out eCommerce clones.

Moving to Magento 2 has been a challenging and reluctant step for many agencies, but Creatuity were very quick to shift their focus from Magento 1.

“I don’t want our team members to have to know Magento 1 and Magento 2. I want them as quickly as possible to be able to focus on Magento 2.” – Joshua Warren

For the second half of the show, Kalen & Joshua are joined by Phillip who admits to and apologises for his past cynicism towards projects like Launch Pad and One Touch checkout.

“You’re enabling the future of the platform which enables all of us.” – Phillip Jackson

The B2B space is growing massively for Magento agencies, the guys discuss the shift in the ecosystem along with how it’s partners and the community that sets Magento apart from all other platforms.

“The Phil Winkle effect” – Kalen Jordan

There has never been a better time to become a partner. There are a lot of opportunities, support and investment from Magento to enable new and existing partners if they want to push forward with and alongside the platform.  

“The pie is getting bigger for everybody” – Phillip Jackson

It’s been 3 years of MageTalk!

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