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The special guest in this episode is the most famous hair in the community, Phil’s. Will he grow a mullet? Will he have to?

“Go fudge me.” – Phillip Jackson

Meet Magento New York saw 60 Speakers & 3 Tracks over 2 days and a live stream by Kalen and TJ Gamble, CEO at Jamerson. They interviewed over 20 attendees and aired their time live on the Commerce Hero channel for all to enjoy! This went down really well and you can check out the streams along with a highlight reel on YoutTube. Both TJ & Kalen were speakers at MMNY.

Kalen also attended and spoke at the LA Meetup, which was held at the new Magento offices. The guys talk about this new space along with the new Austin office which was opened recently.

“Nobody leaves the ecosystem!” – Kalen Jordan

What is happening with Shopify & their numbers? The guys discuss the recent Citron report which brands Shopify as a “get-rich-quick” scheme along with the new features Shopify are advertising and claiming to be able to achieve.

“Just because you can do something with a hack, doesn’t mean it’s a core feature of the platform” – Phillip Jackson

PHP[architect] is a magazine dedicated to PHP programming language and the November 2017 issue is FREE & Magento focused and includes articles on:

  • 11 Debugging Tricks in Magento by Sergii Kovalenko
  • Editing the Magento Core For Fun and Profit by Joshua Warren
  • Command and Query API Design in Magento 2 by Igor Miniailo
  • Headless and Serverless: Writing Modern PHP Applications by Eugene Tulika

Magento Headless Halloween:

Commerce Hero reached $1m business going through the platform and turned one year old in November.

Magento has released their own Security Scanning Tool, which covers a lot of what the community has been asking for. The problem is the only way you can use it is by adding code to the Miscellaneous Script field, but as this is one place that is often hacked Phil & Something Digital shut this down and so are unable to use this tool currently.

The next explosion in eCommerce growth will be B2B, it’s a big deal and so Magento has created the B2B Commerce Hub where you can find tools, content, and events to help you gain the competitive edge in this evolving industry. Phil gives his advice on winning and delivering B2B eCommerce projects what you need to do to educate yourself on their needs and requirements.

October was all about squashing those bugs & issues as part of Squashtoberfest! This was a huge success for the Community Engineering team, they received 384 PRs from 113 devs and those that contributed are being rewarded with T-Shirts! Congratulations to Interactiv4 created 143 PRs and have 60 merged!

The Magento Community Forums are being pushed forward and there are now Magento 2 Solution Specialist badges on the forums along with 3 new moderators. There is lots of cool stuff happening over on the forums so go and check them out!

Phillip has an idea for a new talk: Deployed open source stack. Magento Community FO EVAAAAAA.

“There are open source solutions for everything in the ecosystem.” – Phillip Jackson

The guys discuss where there are gaps and a need for Open Source solutions and where disrupters can come through to fill the space.


These show notes are brought to you by Rebecca Brocton, eCommerce Solution Specialist at JH.


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  • TJ Gamble

    On the live stream, “was it a lot of work”? Not for Kalen, the “talent” rolls in right before the stream begins. 😉 Our setup, for those that might want to do something similar: Panasonic Lumix G85 connected to a Macbook Pro running Open Broadcast Software via an AJA-UTAP HDMI capture card. For audio, I used the Saramonic UWMic-9 Handheld wireless microphones which have performed well in loud environments. Lighting was a simple small LED Panel light mounted on top of the camera.

    On the OSS Stack, I’m very intrigued by the thought/exercise yet I will have nightmares for weeks about coming across a business that took this as advice and tried to deploy, manage, and (gasp) customize all of this software themselves with one or two improperly trained and overworked developers.

    • Kalen Jordan

      Yeah good point. The OSS thing sounds awesome to me as a geek but could be a nightmare.

      — the talent

    • Trust me. It’s a terrible idea to actually implement what I’m talking about – however – I think it’s interesting as a thought-experiment and might get some traction as a talk abstract to keep me present in more developer-centric community events.

  • I’m so glad you guys found about Pimcore and hope you’ll find it great as we did.

    • Yeah thanks! I’m currently evaluating all of them and I’m excited for my findings.

      • From what I’ve seen, German customers don’t mind the UX from 2004 🙂

        On a more serious note, they would rather have all the flexibility pimcore provides and adapt to the learning curve than be restrained with a specialised piece of software.

        • Kalen Jordan

          Haha makes sense!!


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