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This episode is made up of interview recordings from Meet Magento Spain.

The first is with David Manners, a long-standing contributor turned Community Engineer at Magento. Originally from the U.K. and now residing in Germany, David Manners once hosted Mage Talk and is part of the new team at Magento that can help you contribute to the platform. Currently, 20% of the code in Magento 2 has come from the community!

“Our job is to turn people from purely consumer, to contributor.” – David Manners

David is well known for Mage Engage, a series of video interviews where the aim was not to talk about Magento or their business value but focusing on who they are as a person. The guys discuss the value of this initiative and how it changed the community.

Congratulations to the Jordan family on their new arrival!

Slava Kravchuk, the founder of Atwix, joins Phil and shares his Magento story. Slava talks about being the first Magento partner in Ukraine and how getting involved with the community helped them. They discuss module development, Magento 1, and the value of Magento certifications and what they believe should be changed and improved for the new certifications.

November 20th was the 7th Birthday of Atwix so they decided to hold a Magento meetup and contribution day in Khmelnytskyi. Slava & Phil also discuss what the next 3 years look like for the Magento space and the different kinds of innovation.

“We should focus on supporting what we do and being a true partner for the client” – Slava Kravchuk

The final interview is with Ray Bogman, Creator of Mage Coach and CTO at SupportDesk. Ray tells his fascinating Magento story that started in 2008 with the beta version of Magento and the beginning of the Magento Community in the Netherlands.

“We were stunned at how Magento 2 kicks off and is manageable doing a really large amount of numbers, and handling that.”

It was recently announced that Ray will be joining the mothership and is moving to the Magento ECG team as of the 1st January 2018 as Business Solutions Architect! Ray is looking forward to seeing how the B2B world will expand and where Magento stands in that world.

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