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Show Notes

  • 5:52 Phil and Kalen clear the air on what is going on with the elusive Episode 13
  • 9:18 Phil talks about some weird experiences with eCommerce that occurred over his vacation
  • 13:40 Hosting Magento in the cloud
  • 14:58 Phil and Kalen discuss some of the infrastructure of the site that was crushed by the Today Show appearance
  • 22:15 The Kalen + Phil origin story
  • 27:03 Magento licensing discussion
  • 32:06 Kalen and Phil introduce listener feedback
  • 34:38 The MageTalk Drinking game@pronto2000
  • 36:03 Kimberely Thomas controversy
  • 39:44 Inside MageMail
  • 55:18 Sweet Tooth interview [Kalen Intro]
  • 56:29 Sweet Tooth interview
  • 56:54 What is Sweet Tooth (hint: they are not a candy shop)
  • 59:00 Expanding into other platforms / Moving to SaaS
  • 1:04:06 Magento vs. Shopify partner programs
  • 1:12:42 Magento Connect vs Shopify App Store
  • 1:26:25 Revenue share per platform
  • 1:28:20 Content marketing
  • 1:29:20 Kalen used to work for Sweet Tooth
  • 1:32:54 What makes Sweet Tooth a great place to work at
  • 1:34:06 Sweet Tooth is hiring
  • 1:35:12 The loyalty industry


  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to Kalen and Phil for having us on the podcast. It was a blast!

    • MageMail

      Hey homie, sorry for the late reply. I finally figured out how to subscribe to these blasted comments 🙂

      Absolutely! You guys are da bessssssssst.

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