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It’s the 150th episode of the Magento community podcast!!

The guys start with a discussion on accessibility, it’s importance and how it benefits everyone.

Where are things headed for voice assistance? The guys talk about how expectations will change as it becomes more widely used and what’s out there currently.

The main story of this episode is “Live-out-there-geddon” because everything has to have the word “-geddon” in it. Phillip and Kalen dissect the reasoning behind the move of Jamie Clarkes online retail business, Live Out There, to Shopify and why this is a big big big deal for Magento.

“If you were put in the same position, it’s a very high chance that you would make exactly the same decision” – Phillip Jackson

Are you a professional MC,mountain climber, with at least a 3ft vertical, excellent jumping ability and a tough character? Magento will be looking for you for Magento Imagine!

Kalen has become fascinated by Agency acquisitions and recently there have been a few mergers & acquisitions in the community. Check the links to find out more about the ones mentioned by the guys! Will Magento acquire its own agency like Shopify?

The Phil rumor mill: Magento has an internal goal that the Magento services team will contract & deliver 100 site builds.

Did we squander our chance to help Magento grow a platform when they asked for advice? Will Magento ever trust us again? Kalen believes it’s a good thing that Magento is taking more of a lead on decisions.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

Speaking of Progressive Web Apps, Vue Storefront is a progressive web application for eCommerce based on Vuejs and is 100% offline, platform agnostic, headless, Magento2 supported by Divante. There is also PWA Builder & you can learn how to build a PWA in 5 minutes, see the links below for the Medium post. Kalen has also been toying with the idea of making Commerce Hero a web app to help decrease initial load times.

There’s a new category on the Magento blog call the Magento Developer Diaries which are well loved and extremely interesting.

Is it possible to run a business from a smartphone? Kalen thought this was a cool goal, and so is going for it. Listen to Daily #19 – Run A Business On A Phone to find out more! (Link below)

Constraints lead to creativity – Kalen Jordan

Gary Vaynerchuk was recently on a Shopify podcast, which is a thing that exists but Becky couldn’t find it so it’s not in the links below.

Why doesn’t Amazon have a points-based, reward-based loyalty program? Is Amazon Prime the ultimate loyalty program? What about cash-back cards? Are we doing Loyalty wrong?

Amazon Prime members convert 77% of the time!

Thank you for 150 amazing episodes, and cheers to 150 more 👏

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  • Rebecca Brocton – Show Notes
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