“24% of code delivered in Open Source was via the Magento Community” the guys dissect a blog from Magento CEO Mark Lavelle and recap Magento’s Sales Kickoff! Listen now!

Show Notes

1:20 Twitter Font Changing

In case you didn’t know, you can now change the font in your Twitter name. This could be fun… Kalen suggests Googling to figure out how to do it.

2:31 Magical Incantations

Last night Anna Völkl (@rescueAnn) from E-CONOMIX and three-time Magento Master was on Nomad Mage and she crushed it. Click the link to hear her speak on security and HSTS. (Don’t worry, Kalen had to Google it too).

Securityheaders.io scans your site and tells you what you’re missing in regards to your security headers.

Unlike the normal first fifteen minutes of an episode, we actually get some content here! You’re welcome.

5:18 Mark Lavelle’s 2017 Recap

Mark Lavelle (@mklave1) posted his year in review over on the Magento Blog. Head over to give it a read.

7:09 MageNames

Kalen saw the world’s best Magento Domain name: MagePhobia.com

Do you think it’s hip?

Phillip rants about email address formatting.

10:03 Community Engineering at the Forefront

Community Engineering is becoming a larger and larger percentage of the opensource. In fact, 24% of the code that shipped with Magento was programmed by the community and not by Magento itself. The boys delve deeper into this engineering effort and the future of community contributions to the core

“The thing that makes Magento different is the community.” -Phillip Jackson

14:54 Billion Dollar Businesses

How many companies are running Magento and transacting over $1,000,000,000 a year? Kalen makes a perfect guess. Can you?

16:41 Integrated Advertising

Entrance pop-ups. Annoying or effective? Kalen lets us know about a simple adjustment from Oli Gardner (the CEO of Unbounce, @oligardner) to this tool that could greatly change its effectiveness.

25:52 Humor Helps

TJ Gamble (@ecommerceaholic) has a new video called Magento: The Cure for Saas eCommerce. It’s short and funny, but it highlights an important part of SaaS Platform Competition: highlighting and differentiating your brand.

The boys discuss the role of content creation and how it can help you stand out.

“Today, it needs to be short-form content that can be digested very quickly without even having your sound on.” -Phillip Jackson

33:38 Serverless Mystique

Now for some developer information. Technical Section Ahead!

Phillip isn’t being charged for anything aside for S3 storage space for Magename.me. Find out how.

He also dives into the nitty-gritty details on how Magename.me functions.

39:30 The Great GatsbyJS

GatsbyJS is a static site generator for React. It lets you create a single page app in React and then tie that into AWS and API Gateways, but it all exists as static sites.

“We’re trying to make the web faster.” -Phillip Jackson

42:02 Some More Humor for You

Kalen mentions a video that shows a conference call in real life. Check that out here.

42:57 Professional Services for SaaS

Kalen unpacks some of the ins and outs regarding the use of professional services by SaaS companies.

Links / Mentions

-Anna Völkl (@rescueAnn)

-Mark Lavelle (@mklave1)

-Oli Gardner (@oligardner)

-TJ Gamble (@ecommerceaholic)


Anna Völkl on Nomad Mage

Magento Blog: Building on A Record 2017


Magento: The Cure for Saas eCommerce



A Conference Call in Real Life


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