Kalen gets new glasses, will he finally see the light? PLUS an interview with Erfan Imani, accomplished Triathlete and developer of the Magento Innovation Lab-recognized SPEQS augmented reality commerce experience.

Also – a MageTalk First – a swear word appears (gasp!) in the second half of the show. You’ve been warned!

Listen now!

Show Notes

1:14 Magento Live Australia is Poppin’

Tweets are flying everywhere about Magento Live Australia. G’day mate.

2:49 Shoutouts Right Out of the Gate

Kalen gives a shoutout to Jaimy Casteleijn (@Hotlander), a longtime listener of the show over at Marello. Check them out.

The boys give a preview of what one of their advertisements would sound like.

5:13 Phillip Takes Over Instagram

Phillip recaps his Instagram takeover as part of his gig being the MC at Imagine 2018.

Is that a Magento swag closet?

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6:53 2.3 Hype

Phillip gets excited about some newly announced Magento 2.3 updates including the new Sales Channels feature that lets you publish your Magento Catalog right into Amazon.

Are you pumped?

10:59 Welcome Back to the Scene

Phillip gives a shoutout to Bob Moore (@robertjmoore) from Stitch who is moving back into the startup realm and is ready to take over the world.

13:31 Sublime Text Triumphs and Woes

Even though he’s late to the party, Kalen just found out how much faster Sublime Text is compared to what he’s been using. Phillip lets him know some other options. 

Is it 2015?

Show Notes Shoutout

The boys give some much deserved love to their new show notes.

Thanks to David Gitman (@dgitman) for the connection.

17:35 Get Your Swag On

The boys are excited to announce that there will be a MageTalk Swag Store coming soon. Kalen shows off his product copy skills and lets us know he’s available for Freelance work.

The store should be up and running before Imagine.

Kalen gives a shout out to Mark Lewis (@mrloo) at Netalico who is leading the charge with the Swag Store.

20:43 Warmr Updates

Kalen has “single-page app’d” Warmr with jQuery to deal with some long load times.

25:34 Erfan’s in the House

The boys invite Erfan Imani (@erfanimani), a developer at SPEQS and winner of one of the Magento Innovation Awards to the podcast.

He starts off by educating the boys on the difference between Tiny Wings and Flappy Bird.

28:00 A Most Necessary eBook

Phillip lets us know that Kalen once tried to create an eBook on how to be good at Flappy Bird.

*Somehow that didn’t get into the final round of The Magento Innovation Lab.**

28:33 The History of Erfan

Erfan takes us through his professional history and what he’s been working on.

33:59 Specs on SPEQS

Erfan gives us some information on the startup. SPEQS thinks that there are three problems that are preventing customers from purchasing eyewear online, and has methods to address each one.

They’re also using AR to see the glasses on your face in real time.


38:50 The Future of AR and VR

IKEA and other companies are using AR to see their furniture in your living room.

“Seeing AR and VR in a Magento or Commerce context is going to become a requirement for certain types of retailers in the future”. -Phillip Jackson

Erfan gives some insight as to how this works with Magento from a technical standpoint.

47:20 A Triathlete Amongst Us

In addition to being an industry-leading developer, Erfan is also a triathlete. ‘Cause that’s fair.

49:45 Looking to the Future

Erfan lets us know about some future plans regarding Magento functionality.


Links / Mentions

-Jaimy Casteleijn (@Hotlander)

-Bob Moore (@robertjmoore)

-David Gitman (@dgitman)

-Mark Lewis (@mrloo)



Sublime Text