“Why is Magento Enterprise so expensive?” Kalen and Phillip argue the finer points of a controversial topic. Kalen coins a catch-phrase, and Phillip forgets a real microphone and his beard mucks up the audio for the entire episode.

Show Notes

1:42 #BigDamJourney

Phillip starts off with a quick shoutout Danielle Mundle (@UXdaniellewho is on the Magento UX research team. She started a YouTube Channel that chronicles her #BigDamJourney before Imagine. Check it out.

2:37 How. Dare. You.

Kalen’s phrase of the week is: “How dare you?”, and the boys kick off the “How Dare You Challenge”.

How. Dare. You.

5:15 Want a free t-shirt?

The Magento 2 Professional Developer Exam is now live. Head over to the site and get certified right away. They’re offering online proctoring, so you can take the exam online.

What’s more is that the first 500 people to complete the test get a free t-shirt.

8:50 Swag Closet

Phillip talks briefly about his Magento Swag Closet. Can you compete with his Magento License Plate?

10:45 Become a Certified Developer Online

Check out Andreas von Studnitz (@avstudnitz) and his write up on the Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Exam over at integer-net.com.

11:35 The Moderators Have Been Chosen

Stack Exchange Community Monitor elections are completed. Check out the winners here

16:17 We’ve Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?

The Magento Spirit Awards are wrapped up and will be announced soon. Phillip reflects on the awards and how he feels about nominating people in such a bright and promising pool of talent.

Congratulations to the winners!

19:19 Kalen Gets Salty About Pricing (Again)

The boys have talked about pricing a few times, but Kalen returns to the subject after being in touch with a merchant who is intimidated by the new Magento revenue-based pricing bands.

Kalen expands on the ins and outs of pricing and where he stands on the debate. Phillip provides some counterpoints. Fisticuffs!

29:50 Back In the Ring

The boys wrap up the Magento revenue band pricing structure debate. Phillip breaks it down with the numbers and Kalen throws out some real-world examples. What does the extra money get you and where should businesses be focusing their spending?

Who do you think won?

38:50 The Dark Side

Phillip saw an announcement of someone who just went to the dark side. Brian Lange (@brianjlange) announced that he is now officially an employee of Amazon.

Brian. How dare you?

41:46 Return of the Sloof

Kalen gives a shout out to Daniel Sloof (@daniel_sloof) who was recently snatched up by JH.

43:24 Kalen Catches Us Up

Kalen gives a quick recap of how Warmr and Commerce Hero have been doing. Kalen uses the word synergy.

47:15 #Mandrilgeddon

Phillip gives a shout out to some friends at Mailchimp @MailChimp who recently met with him to do some strategizing. An old MageTalk episode covering #mandrillgeddon (listen to Episode 83 here) was brought up in preparation for their podcast.

Links / Mentions

-Danielle Mundle (@UXdanielle)

-Andreas von Studnitz (@avstudnitz)

-Brian Lange (@brianjlange)

-Daniel Sloof (@daniel_sloof)

-MailChimp (@MailChimp)

Danielle Mundle’s YouTube Channel

Magento 2 Professional Developer Certification

Stack Exchange Community Monitor Election Results

Magento Spirit Award Winners


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