Eric Hileman from MageMojo and Mojo Stratus fame join us to get down and dirty in the nitties and the gritties about what makes scaling on AWS so difficult, and how running Magento in the cloud takes more expertise now than ever before.

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Show Notes

1:30 Intros All Around

The boys welcome Eric Hileman (@ericvhileman), the founder of MageMojo to the show. This is going to be good.

Kalen is also especially sassy in this episode, so someone’s been drinking his Haterade.

5:10 Storytime!

Eric and his team have built out an innovative and unique hosting platform on top of AWS. Kalen asks Eric to give some background to the company and why he started MageMojo as well as some of the challenges they have faced along the way.

5:51 Why?

Eric starts out by breaking down why they went in this direction instead of going the dedicated digital server route. The main reason: managing your own physical infrastructure is a pain.

“It’s all about us providing a better, deeper level of knowledge of Magento, especially with M2 coming out.” -Eric Hileman

We also learn about the MojoFlow Playbook.

Now that’s a good name.

9:10 What’s the difference?

Phillip discusses why you would choose MageMojo over a Magento Enterprise cloud. The main question that you have to ask yourself about this is where do you find the value in the application support layer?

Eric backs this up by letting us know some things that sets MageMojo apart: such as unlimited auto-scaling, pay-as-you-use billing, and their 15-minute support SLA that guarantees any ticket is addressed within 15 minutes.

Now that’s some impressive stuff.

11:28 All About Auto-Scaling

Kalen asks Eric to go under the hood regarding AWS Auto-Scaling. Eric explains some of the ins and out of auto-scaling, and how MageMojo handles it.

Put your tech hats on.

14:37 ELI5; How does this work?

Eric breaks down the behind-the-scenes activity for Kalen like he’s five. Someone had to do it.

17:35 Out of Elementary School and Into the Fire

Phillip brings us back to higher education with an observation on the “Magento Operating System”. What is this? How does it apply servers and how has it improved? Are containers secret sauce? What does it all mean?

23:30 Reddit Thread on Testing

Eric brings up a reddit thread that both he and Kalen commented on regarding cheap hosting for testing. Not surprisingly, MageMojo does this free of charge. Showoffs…


The boys comment on ( for those not in the know), which is what powers Magento Cloud.

Is there a difference between preview and staging? Eric explains how MageMojo is trying to simplifying the process with easier to understand terminology.

27:25 Hey, I wanna do my own AWS!

Kalen asks Eric to talk about the benefits of choosing a company like MageMojo over self-hosting?

Eric responds with lots of great examples of the benefits of MageMojo and how it can set you up for success and grant major ease of mind in case things go wrong.

33:12 There are gotchas

Eric enlightens us by saying that the main reason why people shouldn’t do their own AWS is that there are “gotchas”. While it might not be overwhelming complex (debatable), there are factors that will deter the average person from taking AWS on themselves.

What are the gotchas?!

You should probably listen to find out.

35:06 Is it too complex?

Is AWS fundamentally a complicated specialization? Kalen asks Phillip his opinion about whether or not AWS is something that’s too complicated for the average person to take on?

Unsurprisingly, Phillip has some thoughts. Gotcha. How much is too much to pay for something like this?

What do you think?

40:14 Stratus Status

How soon will Stratus be updated for PHP 7.2? Eric answers Reddit’s unanswered question.

41:14 AWS vs Google Cloud

Why did MageMojo choose AWS over Google Cloud?

Eric breaks down the differences in pricing and suite of services between the two options.

44:18 MageTalk: When Nature Calls

For the first time in MageTalk’s history, a bathroom break is taken because Kalen and Eric had such control over the discussion.

Is it the dawn of a new era?

46:50 Gnarly Errors and Nitty Gritties

Kalen asks Eric to talk about some of the “gnarly errors” that they’ve encountered over the years.

Eric recalls Aurora lockups, MySQL bugs, custom patches, Stratus explosions, and people doing naughty things outside of the Magento core.

50:10 You’ve Only Got One Shot

By and large, the number Magento open source installs vastly eclipses what the Enterprise market is. Phillip delves into what this means and how the community would not survive without companies like MageMojo.

54:57 Your Own Brand of Crazy

MageMojo took up the reins on Meet Magento NY last year. Phillip asks Eric what particular brand of crazy you have to be to host a Magento event?

Is this the quickest way to get a lot of people angry at you?

Eric talks about what he personally and MageMojo as a whole got out of the event.





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