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Sonassi Hosting

Sonassi is the number one Magento Optimized hosting provider. The Leader In High Performance, Secure & Scalable Magento Hosting, Sonassi has the only Magento Operating System in the entire ecosystem. With plans from £180/month there is a hosting option available for any size business. Get started today by visiting


MageMail is the triggered email app for Magento. Triggered email can increase your revenue by 8% to 12% – MageMail is easy and risk-free to try out, and comes with a free concierge onboarding service, so all you have to do is sit back and watch the orders roll in. Start your free trial today!

Dropship360™ by LogicBroker

Magento merchants now have a solution for complete drop ship automation—dropship360™ by Logicbroker. With dropship360™, merchants can easily add and rank vendors, view vendor inventory and cost listing, configure order sourcing, and manage Magento scheduled tasks. Experience enhanced relationships with your vendors due to the efficiency of full automation and the elimination of manual data entry. Visit them online at


Show Notes


  • paul ryazanov

    Phil, Kalen Thanks for mention of in podcast!
    Unlike – we let developer option to decide what you want to install.. Its not a pre-build installation but really a way to configure store on the fly – like u install apps at your ipad.. There huge thing ahead of course but we want to let anyone to be able to do magento sites with even minimum html skills. Specially once magento decided to close Go you can see how shopify growing – hope we can be a magento alternative that somewhere in the middle – not a SaaS (so u can change the code) but still fast to go.. Keep in mind has 75+ free themes / 10+ localizations available and alot of extensions.

    • MageMail

      Hey Paul, sorry for the late reply. I finally figured out how to subscribe to these blasted comments 🙂

      You’re welcome for the mention 🙂

      Sounds like you have some big plans for magecloud – best of luck with it!

      • paul ryazanov

        Sure! If you are coming to Imagine – maybe we can exchange with updates 😉

        • MageMail

          Sounds good 🙂

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