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Nucleus Commerce

Nucleus Commerce is a robust eCommerce solution for Magento that delivers exclusive functionality, a game-changing theme architected by Brendan Falkowski, highly flexible in-admin support, and a curated set of extensions and services from a carefully selected team of partners. Don’t miss the Nucleus Commerce launch party on Monday night of this year’s Imagine Conference! RSVP for the party at Want to win a nano quadcopter? Follow @nucleuscommerce on Twitter and give them a shoutout with #MageTalk to enter for a chance to win. One will be given away each Friday until Imagine 2015.


Show Notes

  • 1:12 How reviews impact conversion
  • 8:15 Preparing for Imagine
  • 28:20 MageHero


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    Listening via iTunes

    • MageMail

      Word – thanks Wilson 🙂 You listen in itunes directly or use the podcast app?

      • wilsonsheldon

        Little bit of both but mostly desktop iTunes

        • MageMail

          Cool gotcha. Interesting that there are so many different ways people listen to it.

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