Show Notes

  • 0:55
  • 2:20 R.I.P. 2015
  • 4:44 Hosting
  • 6:13 BitCoin / Blockchain
  • 13:18 What happened to 41?
  • 16:02 SUPEE-5994 Security Update
  • 20:45 MageEngage
  • 26:21 MageHero
  • 33:08 MageMail
  • 39:07 Age Survey

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  • Dennis Parengkuan

    Hi duded,
    Thanks for the show, started listening the show past month.Really like it. Continue, continue!
    A totally off topic question here though. I was wondering which song you end the podcast with around 44 minutes in?
    Thanks! Dennis from the Netherlands

    • MageMail

      Thanks Dennis! Appreciate that feedback 🙂 I believe the songs are all originals created by Phillip and Chris –

      • Dennis Parengkuan

        Thanks! Sounds really nice, I do like the sound mucho! Don’t wanna label it or put it in a box, but a part will do it anyways: it has got a psychedelic stoner rockish sound man, reminds me a bit of the Machine (Dutch band). If you wonder, what I am talking about: Until next podcast! Thanks, Dennis

        • MageMail

          Sweet! Ya I love the music they create. Kinda blows my mind every time I hear new stuff they put out.


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