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  • Kalen doesn’t have his new baby yet. Wife appears to still be working on that.
  • Phillip and Kalen talk about Sriracha for the first time on the show, despite the fact that we have a long history of blabbering on and on about the magic sauce.
  • The fumes from Sriracha apparently made people blind. But it may have also been the nuclear plant in that town.
  • Joshua Warren of Creatuity starts MageUnity – a new and improved water cooler for the Magento community.
  • Kalen makes an idiot out of himself mispronouncing Joshua’s name.
  • Brent Peterson starts a Slack chat group.  (Brent – if you’re out there, hook us up with a link or something).
  • Recap of Karen’s about issues with Magento Connect. Magento Connect has more extensions than Big Commerce, Shopify and every other marketplace combined. She contends that most of them are garbage and points to some companies that are ripping off her extensions.
  • Only a small percentage (6% ?) of providers are servicing the bulk of the merchants in the ecosystem.
  • AppShop HQ is a Magento extension marketplace that Karen started a year or two ago to address these issues.
  • Blue Jalapeno appears to be a mysterious shell corporation that has published a lot of extensions on AppShopHQ.
  • Can the Magento developer community review all the extensions out there and weed out the bad ones? Phil thinks not.
  • MageKarma is a new Magento Extension review site by Tim Bezhashvyly.
  • Judge is a tool by Net Research that reviews extensions for quality issues. It’s a pretty amazing tool, but still requires iteration – there are still some false positives in the review algorithm though.
  • Matt and the crew at Rocket Web may have something in the works with regard to extension review.
  • There are lots of Magento developers around the world that are probably also working to address these issues – couple of recent Meet Magento’s: Meet Magento Ukraine and Meet Magento Romania
  • Phillip says Magento Live Australia with an Australian accent. Kalen says something with some kind of crazy accent, not sure what.
  • New Magento Imagine Website. Call for Papers is already open.
  • Phil’s quiver is full of conference talks.
  • Allan MacGregor of Demac Media who wrote the Magento PHP Developer’s Guide is writing a new book – Test Driven Magento Extension Development.
  • Help to support Allan! Give a suggested price that you’re willing to pay for his TDD book on leanpub.
  • Here’s Allan’s blog – Coderoncode
  • Recap of the work on the Custom Reports module with the team from the Imagine hackathon.
  • Classy Llama wrote a sick blog post on the Custom Reports module, a.k.a. “Risky Reports”
  • Kalen is a punk for not accepting Lee’s pull request.
  • Lee’s fork is probably a lot better than Kalen’s by now because Lee is a straight up beast.
  • Kalen talks about another application of the Custom Reports module – which is an Inventory By Hour multiple line chart that he created.
  • Sweet Tooth will give a free bucket of poutine to anyone who signs up in the next 24 hours.
  • Kurt Theobald gives a talk at MMNY, and everyone loses their mind.
  • Kurt says that one of the problems in the community is that there isn’t a center of gravity or a central leadership.
  • Phil doesn’t agree with anybody.
  • Phil and Kalen feel like Magento is doing a pretty solid job of focusing on core products, killing products that aren’t important, keeping a good release cadence, building momentum, gathering feedback from the community, etc.
  • You can’t have your cake and eat it – complaining when Magento releases a responsive theme that is 90% complete, and then also complaining that they aren’t releasing fast enough.
  • One of the voting members (Phil Sturgeon) of the PHP Framework Interop Group was at MMNY and thought the Magento community was nuts.
  • Phil and Kalen are launching a new forum to centralize the leadership in the Magento community called – join now.
  • Ben Marks really is the central leader of the Magento developer community. He’s someone that everybody knows, loves, and respects, and he’s doing everything humanly possible to move things forward.
  • Magento Fireside Chats is a great example of a community effort putting together a really great resource.
  • Let’s all show some love for our people! The Magento core development team!
  • Extension of the Week: Promo Code Messages by Laura Folco and Andreas von Studnitz.
  • Phil’s Anti-Pattern of the Week: Don’t install Magento modules from an unknown source.
  • I’m writing this while still listening to the final minutes of this awesome and seriously funny episode. Really love what you’re doing!

    Good to see that you’re bringing back some appreciation and positivity into the “State of Magento” discussion.

    • Glad to have your feedback and a positive voice in this somewhat sensitive topic! Thanks 🙂

    • MageMail

      Hey Nick, sorry for the late reply. I finally figured out how to subscribe to these blasted comments 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Helps to keep us going 🙂

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