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  • Gene Dieken

    Would be a better show if the host didn’t overtalk the guest, especially when making less than relevant jokey comments. Allow your guest to be an expert.

    • Kalen Jordan

      Hey Gene,

      First off, I can kind of understand the sentiment. I was actually just listening to a podcast yesterday where I felt like the host wasn’t really interviewing the guest as well as I would have liked them to.

      I didn’t blast the podcast hosts with a negative online comment though.

      You could have phrased this in a much more constructive way. Such as – when person X was saying Y, I was really interested in hearing idea Z being fleshed out more but you guys kind of just joked past it. Or something along those lines. Still gets your point without making me feel like crap.

      You would be surprised that with a significant amount of positive feedback and traction that we get from the community, little negative comments like this almost override all of that positivity. It’s surprising even to me when I think about it objectively that such a minor negative comment would bother me so much despite all of the positive feedback we’ve gotten, but it’s just kinda how life works. Maybe I have thin skin – not sure.

      If you want to rephrase and be specific I’d be happy to respond.

      • Gene Dieken

        Hey Kallen,
        Not really trying to be negative. Overtalking happens so frequently in interviews now that it feels normal, perceived as a way to keep things lively. In a technical podcast like this, I’m choosing to invest my time because there’s a possibility of learning something of value. And here I’m quite interested in how much initial and ongoing fuss the M2.0 transition will be.

        In your interview I learned something but more than one response by the guest that had my interest was interrupted and subsequently abandoned as the guest took up the new topic. A rule of thumb in interviews is that the best information comes near the end of the response. Allowing time for responses is an easy way to add value to your interviews.

        • MageMail

          Thanks Gene – that’s much more constructive at least from my perspective 🙂

          I’d still be interested in knowing the particular topic points that you were curious about if they are still top of mind for you.

          (This is Kalen btw – I have two separate disqus accounts that I can’t seem to keep in sync – long story).

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