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Show Notes


  • Digital Pianism

    I gotta say what a great way to end my MageTalk hardcore listening session ! I started from episode 1 on March 14th. A month and a half later (and a lot of laughs) here I am listening to the almighty Alan Storm. To be honest, during one of the early episode (I think it was the one with David Manners presenting Mage Engage), you guys said something like “we tried to get Alan Storm, good luck trying to get him on your show” and I was like “well too bad no one ever manage to get that guy on a show”. 2 years later (for you) / 1 month (for me) here he is and again provides great input about Magento (I mean what else would you expect from him ?).

    Anyway, thank you guys for the podcast, I had so much fun listening to every single episode, keep up the good work, that’s what makes Magento community so great!!!

    I have one request though: please bring back the extension of the week, it was such a great part of the early episodes I really miss that one. Also (even though I reckon it’s harder to find than an extension), the e-commerce hall of shame was a lot of fun, I really liked it, I wouldn’t mind seeing it back sometimes.

    Also thanks for the shoutout on episode 88 I was so surprised when I heard my name I spit my coffee!!!

    • Kalen Jordan

      Thanks buddy – haha welcome to my life (spitting up coffee)! Good point re: extension of the week!

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