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Show Notes


  • Digital Pianism

    Thanks for the shoutout guys really appreciate. BTW, the module also lets you “delete” reports from the admin if like me, you like to keep your “var/reports” folder clean šŸ˜‰
    BTW, I posted an iTunes review like 3 weeks ago but I’ve been hearing you saying no iTunes review for quite some time now, I’m wondering if you guys get the reviews from iTunes Europe ?

    • Kalen Jordan

      Awesome! Oh interesting – no the last review showing in itunes is Feb 2016. When you open itunes and look for the podcast and look at the reviews in the podcast do you see it there?

      • Digital Pianism

        Yes here it is my iTunes account is super old so the username is super weird but it’s there May 20th

        • Kalen Jordan

          Ah that’s really annoying. Not seeing that on my end. :/ Thanks for the heads up!

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