Show Notes

Phillip gives a talk on product customization at Meet Magento New York. Steve Deckert calls for pint night at Meet Magento and the ecommerce director from Hugo Boss shows up out of nowhere.

MageFlow is announced for the first time as the web site gets an update with neat brand identity with illustrated characters. A 95 year old dude (or dudette) is doing product imports into Magento. Kalen talks about the first Magento 2 webinar and he recounts a story where installing Phillip’s Pirate Language module for International Talk like a Pirate Day didn’t go quite as planned.


Show Notes

  • We have a name!
  • Podcast going audio-only
  • Domain name (, courtesy of RocketWeb)
  • Magento mobile goes bye bye
  • WATCH
  • ApplePay
  • M2 Webinar
    • William #williamcrushwednesday
    • Different databases
    • noSQL
    • Uninstall scripts
  • SD is now in FL, only Magento Partner in FL

Main Topic

Interview with Kimberely Thomas
– MMNY |

Extension of the Week

  • Creare SEO –

Show Notes

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  • News
    • Podcast RSS feed:
    • Magento 2 webinar
    • “You can modify the core code” snipped on Magento2 github:
  • DE Magento Podcast (last episode in 2012)
  • Follow Kevin Schroeder, “Global Domination Theoretician” (@kpschrade)
  • The BuzzLab
  • What we’re working on
    • Kalen’s backyard
      • Magento 1.9/1.14 RWD Framework
      • Release notes:
      • Brendan Falkowski (@falkowski)
      • Classy Llama (@classyllama)
  • Is there a bubble in the Magento ecosystem? (32:00)
  • Extension of the Week
    • Magento Enhanced Admin Grids (EAG)
    • Fooman Advanced Promotions
  • Antipattern of the week
    • Add static links to the nav menubar without creating fake categories or url rewrites

Show Notes

Kalen Jordan and I have been wanting to do a Magento podcast for quite some time now and we finally got around to it. We’d love your feedback in the comments below and please share about us on Twitter!