The boys usher in their fifth year of MageTalk by talking about banana business ideas, the Magento Partner Kickoff, transparency, and how Phillip predicted the future.


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Kalen goes for a walk, Phillip and Kalen talk about Lambda schools. The Magento Monday gets all caught up and Sergii Shymko goes hard on Accessibility. Listen now!

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“For most people the building of a PWA may be more frustrating than not building on PWA, at least in January 2019” the guys dive into how Merchants have such awareness of PWA and how they’re seeking it out. Also, Kalen goes for a walk.

What does a well-written mission statement look like? What is the purpose of an organization? How do you define your purpose? These are all questions we take a look at when reviewing what the new Magento Association is all about. Listen now!


Patent trolls are back? Kalen’s fasting from social media. Renewed fears around End of Life begin to surface as Magento 2.2 is just 11 months away from We’re gearing up for Meet Magento New York and there’s a ton of news as conference season kicks into gear.

With the bug bounty drama behind us we follow up with a rant about the state of the Community and reactionist attitudes to every change that has happened in 2018. Phillip goes on a rant, the guys discuss what long-term-support means and the future of PHP 7.2 support in Magento 1, new concerns around End of Life of Magento 2.2 begin to circle. Listen now!


**Prior to publication Magento and Adobe announced that they would be monetizing the new bug bounty program hosted at HackerOne. For more information read the ZDNet article which covers the story as it is evolving. **

“We really do need to get to a place where the Magento community assumes the best until it sees the worst.” – Matt Asay. In this episode Kalen and Phillip unpack the changes to the bug bounty program and the community reaction to it. Listen now!

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