Kalen realizes that Australia is massive. The guys make a HUGE announcement. Phillip explains the super blue blood moon.

Show notes

1:20 Shoutouts and Super Moons

The boys give some statistics on the Podcast for this month.

Phillip gives a shoutout to Gary Benerofe (@garymediaspa) at mediaspa who said that MageTalk has really good information if you skip the first fifteen minutes

Kalen shouts out to a Magento Developer named Adam out in Israel who is a regular listener to the show.

Phillip breaks down all the adjectives in a Super Blue Blood Moon and what they mean (it only happens once about every 150 years).

Kalen gives a shout out to Tony Guerrero (@tguerrero54) at Zilker Technology whom he had lunch with recently. They’ve recently been jumping into Magento stuff from the Websphere world. Check them out.

5:17 Bite-Sized Commercial

Phillip mentions Rebecca Brocton (@RebeccaBrocton) and David Manners (@mannersd) who are kicking off the Magento Mental Health Initiative. They are looking to open source mental illness along with more amazing things. Head over and see what’s happening.

7:56 #RoadToImagine

Joshua Warren (@JoshuaSWarren) takes us back through our email histories to kick off #RoadToImagine. How far back do you go?

10:10 A Promise Fulfilled

Last year, Mark Lavelle (@mklave1 promised that Magento would help sponsor some community members who have never been to Imagine to come to Imagine. Click the link to vote for outstanding community members that you think should get to experience Imagine for free.

Kalen gives a shoutout to Raul Watson (@diazwatson) as a nomination for a Spirit Award.

15:00 Technology in Search of a Solution?

Kalen says no. Kalen brings up GraphQL as a way to work around some of the difficulties surrounding upselling post-purchase. Find out how.

18:51 A Notepad Full of Ideas

Phillip whips out his notepad for lots of product improvement ideas. Do you find any of these useful?

20:30 Can Kalen Build It?

If you have an idea for what Kalen can build, head over to MageTalk.com and fill out the contact form.

21:51 Commerce Hero Time

Kalen lists off some of the roles that are open through Commerce Hero. Are you right for any of them?

22:35 More of Kalen’s Ideas

Kalen has so many ideas today. Here his thoughts on how to get feedback on potential hires. From an App. Cool.

25:00 Progressive Web Apps

Why is everybody so excited about re-implementing all of eCommerce? The boys lay into the ins and outs of PWAs.

“The people who want infinite flexibility are probably already creating infinite flexibility for themselves in one way or another.” -Phillip Jackson

29:22 Reacticon

In just a few weeks, Reacticon is happening. Will you be there?

32:48 Magento Masters 2018

The boys go through the list of this year’s Magento Masters.

37:00 The HUGE Announcement

This is a big deal. Let’s just say the announcement involves Jamie Clark and our very own Phillip Jackson regarding Imagine…

44:38 Kalen Has an Epiphany

Just how big is Australia? The episode gets its name.

46:33 Another Idea from Kalen

Magento Certification Training Platform. Could this be something that works? Is there a need for another form of training? The guys discuss these implications.

48:52 Plenty of Personalization

Dotmailer is doing more personalization than anyone. Find out how personalization can impact your business. Is this the AI discussion of the week?

“What do you think about the idea that there is a generation coming that doesn’t care about email at all?” -Phillip Jackson

Kalen defends email.

57:45 OMS

Open Source Order Management. Phillip has been rounding up open source technologies. Hear how these technologies will work together to improve order management.

59:53 Sigmento’s Acquisition

A shoutout to David Gitman(@dgitman) who was one of the first investors in Sigmento. He has an eCommerce Accelerator now. Check it out..

### Links / Mentions

-Gary Benerofe (@garymediaspa)

-Tony Guerrero (@tguerrero54)

-Rebecca Brocton (@RebeccaBrocton)

-David Manners (@mannersd)

-Joshua Warren (@JoshuaSWarren)

-Mark Lavelle (@mklave1

-Raul Watson (@diazwatson)


Zilker Technology

Magento Mental Health Initiative

Magento Spirit Awards



2018 Magento Masters


Accel Commerce

“24% of code delivered in Open Source was via the Magento Community” the guys dissect a blog from Magento CEO Mark Lavelle and recap Magento’s Sales Kickoff! Listen now!

Show Notes

Continue reading

Phillip and Kalen talk #magemh – an initiative to raise awareness for mental health in our Magento community. Plus: Kalen craps on one of our sponsors, NRF2018, Time Tracking software and Tensorflow/AI/ML.

Show Notes

Show Notes


Coming Soon!

We’re still vacationing hardcore in the islands so we’re bringing you this classic episode from April 2017 you might have missed! James Zetlen, Tony Brown of Space48 and Brendan Falkowski join us to talk Imagine 2017 announcements and frontend tooling as well as a possible future with PWAs




  • Mallory Triana – Transcription
  • Rebecca Brocton – Show Notes
  • Chris Harry – Production and Editing

Show Notes

Coming soon!

We’re off for a week on vacation so we’re bringing you an episode you may not have heard – this is an interview from MageTalk LIVE at Imagine 2017 with Mark Lavelle!

Show Notes

Coming soon!

Phillip gets a Mage2.tv preview, Kalen ponders post-developer life, Phillip covers 2017 in review, and – how to go about picking a local Magento partner.

Show notes


Coming soon!

Show Notes

In MageTalk Episode 153 we cover Magento 2.2.2(.’s release – and the guys get down and dirty into the features which make it one of the best (and most impressive) releases of Magento 2 yet. “Dogfooding” leads to increased understanding of problems and leads to better product ownership. Phillip talks about in-house ecommerce directors at solutions partners like Something Digital, and Kalen talks about the importance of brand and how social proof will replace brand.

Partner program

  • Congrats to Ali Ahmed and Imagination Media for becoming Magento Solution Partners

Improvements to MageTalk Website!


  • Karen’s article – http://webshopapps.com/blog/2017/12/strategy-magento-2018/

  • Natural tension between platform and apps in platform ecosystem as it matures – facebook, twitter, etc. Same will happen with shopify
  • Marketplace needs work – continuous integration
  • Partner program engagement

Magento 2.2.2(.

  • MFTF
  • In the FTF you get used to code in PHP and XML to write tests. With MFTF you need XML only! – No need to learn PHP for tests writers anymore.

How many full time ecom developers have actually setup/run their own store

Thread on brands / naked brands


Coming Soon!

What would trigger an M1 to M2 upgrade? Magento are having a content renaissance – a “content explosion”; Kalen buys Bitcoin.

Show Notes

This is episode one fiftyyy twooo!

2:14 – #Bitcoin10k

Kalen predicted Bitcoin would reach 10k within 2 years and he was right, it happened significantly faster than that too! Unfortunately, now he and Phillip can’t find their Bitcoins and it’s all so complicated.

If it’s real currency, it could be that consumers may want to be paying with Bitcoin sooner than you think – Phillip Jackson

We hear a past clip from Kalen talking about how Honduras planned to secure land titles on the Bitcoin blockchain.

7:20 – Sprucing up Mage Talk

The guys are taking the MageTalk content seriously and so the feed has been updated, every episode is going to have its own album artwork, there is a “New Around Here?” category that has the top 5 episodes along with a new post series called Community Favs where MageTalk fans can share their five favourite episodes.

Podcasts now have transcripts thanks to Mallory Triana & show notes thanks to Becky Brocton!

11:40 – The rebranding of Rebecca Brocton

She was Rebecca Troth, then she was Rebecca Brocton and now she is Becky Brocton – getting better with every rebrand.

12:18 – An explosion of content

Becky, TJ Gamble, Magento & others have been creating more and more content for consumption. The latest video on the Magento channel has the RJ Metrics team written all over it. If Phillip & Kalen were to do it all over again, would they have just done a YouTube channel? Are podcasts mainstream or is it all about video?

20:05 – Opening the net neutrality can

Kalen gives props to Phillip for his extremely interview on FutureCommerce Episode 49 with Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda.

“When everybody thinks one thing, be skeptical” – Kalen Jordan

Is there an argument both for and against net neutrality on behalf of a merchant? What does it mean for smaller retailers? Amazon getting preferential treatment and expanding their dominance could seriously affect all online retailers. It’s already not easy to be a retailer, they don’t need another barrier in front of consumers.

34:31 – Magento 2 fanboys & Shopify bashing

Kalen & Phillip discuss Shopify allegedly fudging their numbers and the discrepancies in the numbers from their Black Friday sales.

Kalen is going to be interviewed for the eCommerce Fuel podcast. eCommerce Fuel is a Private Community for 6 & 7 Figure Store Owners that is sponsored by Shopify.

For those looking to migrate from Magento 1, what is the advice for them? You aren’t going to be forced off the platform, the stated date that support will end is November 2020.

It is so painful to be on Magento 1 right now… especially when you look at Magento 2. – Phillip Jackson

The guys discuss the benefits of Magento 2 including content scheduling, Bluefoot & B2B along with how you can show those looking to migrate what’s there, what’s coming and how they can justify the move. Where is the tipping point?

49:30 – Black Friday & Cyber Monday

We hope you had a really great Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Hope it was quiet and full of cash! – Kalen Jordan

Links / Mentions


MageTalk Improvements

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  • Community Effort! Help us improve!
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  • Feed updates
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