One of our biggest fans, and greatest champions, is Magento’s own Community Organizer, Sherrie Rohde. Sherrie is a longtime Magento community member with experience ranging from frontend developer to social media guru, to forums wrangler; and most recently an advocate for inclusivity in our Magento communities.

We got together with Sherrie and asked her to pick her top 5 MageTalk episodes of all time. Tough task, we know, but she was up for the challenge.

#5: “Episode 22 – How Did I Even Begin to Thunk This”

According to Sherrie:

There’s really nothing significant here but it’s a great example of what i love most about MT!

We agree, Sherrie! Our banter is top-quality, Grade-A, locally-sourced, hyphenated, caffeinated, and carb-free banter!

#4: “Episode 118 – IDC Survey review with Peter Sheldon”

Sherrie likes this episode because

#3: “Episode 45 – The Netherdutch Strikes Back

#2: “Episode 147 – Front to Back (w/ Josh Warren)”

A great example of MageTalk setting the record straight and interviewing a Community Master, Kalen and Phillip highlight Josh Warren of Creatuity and their amazing contribution of One-Click Checkout to Magento 2 with the new Community Engineering program.

#1: “Episode 50 – I Don’t Know a lot About Sportsball (interview w/ Yoav Kutner)”

This is Sherrie’s numero-uno, and the episode she recommends to anyone who wants insight into the original Magento story. This episode is a lengthy interview with Magento co-founder, Yoav Kutner, and Sherrie likes how it has a bit of history, a bit of rumor-crushing, and it’s funny/insightful/entertaining.

Sherrie’s Appearances

Sherrie has been on MageTalk many times! Here’s a playlist for you to get your dose of Sherrie on MageTalk:


If you’re feeling fancy – Sherrie couldn’t pick just one episode – so dive into a special interview with CEO of Magento Commerce, Mark Lavelle:

“Episode 100 – Interview with Mark Lavelle”