Show Notes

Phillip & Kalen (Phalen) get re-acquainted¬†after a break in recordings before diving into the most recent controversial community topic that is ‘Code Shaming, inaugurated by Raphael Petrini’s tweet about a new idea for Magento extension reviews and audits. The guys hash out the clear divide in opinion and that very fine line that is between developer elitism & protecting customers. Is it fair to publicly disgrace a developer or company for mistakes in their code by giving feedback that is¬†unsolicited and potentially harmful to their business? Phil airs his views, his own personal experience with when your trying to be helpful vs boosting your own ego and the best ways to genuinely help.

Thanks to some great timing, versions 2.1.3 & 2.0.11 were released just 3 hours before this recording & so Phalen discuss these new releases and MageTalk becoming the medium for reporting on both the frustrations and delights that Magento cause the community. Continue reading

Show Notes

Phillip gets grumpy (as per usual) about code shaming and how it harms Magento newcomers, and more broadly the industry itself. Demandware is acquired by Salesforce.



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