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  • TJ Gamble – Owner, Jamersan – @og_tjg

Show Notes

Who doesn’t love the southern accent?

Kalen is joined by TJ Gamble in this Phil-less episode. TJ is the top dog at Jamersan, a B2B eCommerce focused and leading Magento development agency based in Alabama. The guys talk Magento Live, why Jamersan focus on B2B, Orocommerce and Magentos focus on mid-market. Rackspace layoffs begin as it restructures as a private company and it appears to start to cut ties with Magento, it’s a tough time to be in the hosting business.

In the second half of this podcast TJ & Kalen discuss industry events and the benefits of attending. If you aren’t going to events, you are doing yourself a great disservice – if you’re not sure on going to Imagine, just go and get your ticket.

Remote teams have benefits and struggles, TJ talks about their distributed team and trying to figure out how to continuously get better at what they do at Jamersan. Hiring the right staff is not easy, so TJ and Kalen discuss what you can do to find the best people and what to look for both before, during and after the recruitment process.

“Strive to be the tortoise, not the hare.”