Show Notes

It’s the 150th episode of the Magento community podcast!!

The guys start with a discussion on accessibility, it’s importance and how it benefits everyone.

Where are things headed for voice assistance? The guys talk about how expectations will change as it becomes more widely used and what’s out there currently.

The main story of this episode is “Live-out-there-geddon” because everything has to have the word “-geddon” in it. Phillip and Kalen dissect the reasoning behind the move of Jamie Clarkes online retail business, Live Out There, to Shopify and why this is a big big big deal for Magento.

“If you were put in the same position, it’s a very high chance that you would make exactly the same decision” – Phillip Jackson

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Show Notes

Round 2: MageTalk vs Jamie Clark (the gloves stay on this time)

  • 0:41 Shenanigans at Imagine (past and present)
  • 4:01 Scripted vs Freestyle
  • 6:42 Who is Jamie Clark?
  • 13:59 Getting started with investors
  • 19:10 Dealing with rejection
  • 25:06 Day to day job / Company culture
  • 33:50 Nepal
  • 44:00 Selecting Magento for