Show Notes

This episode is made up of interview recordings from Meet Magento Spain.

The first is with David Manners, a long-standing contributor turned Community Engineer at Magento. Originally from the U.K. and now residing in Germany, David Manners once hosted Mage Talk and is part of the new team at Magento that can help you contribute to the platform. Currently, 20% of the code in Magento 2 has come from the community!

“Our job is to turn people from purely consumer, to contributor.” – David Manners

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Show Notes

It’s official! In August it was announced that Magento would be partnering with the Europe-based Meet Magento Association in an official partnership to bring Magento events to a more broad community in 2016 and 2017. The guys dig into the news and discuss Enterprise Cloud, Rebecca Troth’s community contribution, Magento Commerce Order Management, and the rise of ecommerce in APAC.