The guys get down and dirty on #magentohatmonday – which is truly the best of the Magento Community, Imagine MC Duties fall to Phillip, “Winkling” Conversion Rates, Healthcare Startups for Magento.

Show Notes

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Let’s leverage our synergies

And snag the low-hanging fruit

The boys start off the episode with some social lubrication tips and a few examples of deeply moving poetry.

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Phillip and Kalen talk #magemh – an initiative to raise awareness for mental health in our Magento community. Plus: Kalen craps on one of our sponsors, NRF2018, Time Tracking software and Tensorflow/AI/ML.

Show Notes

Show Notes

  • 4:35 Magento Unconference
  • 12:02 Mental Health Discussion
  • 24:09 Best/Funniest Mistakes
  • 28:05 Continued Mental Health Discussion
  • 32:49 Other talks
  • 48:38 MageHero posts