Show Notes

Live from a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada during the ZendCon PHP Conference 2016, Phillip and Ben Marks get down and dirty into specifics about the “supeegeddon” – the never-ending revision of patches that plague Magento 1, and how Magento is fairing with having to maintain Zend Framework as well as myriad versions of Magento 1 AND Magento 2.



Show Notes

The guys talk about the new kid on the block: “MageEngage”

  • 01:19 Phil Winkle, LLC – Coming Soon
  • 03:00 MageMail update
  • 09:00 MageEngage
  • 14:03 One Size Does Not Fit All
  • 30:33 MageHero Updates / Community News
  • 43:29 Magento Security Patch Release SUPEE-5344
  • 45:30 Lightning Round
    • First Extension Built
    • How do you setup a Magento project
    • How long does it take to get Phil’s hair done
    • What is the #1 site running Magento
  • 55:42 Pre-Imagine Hackathon
  • #MageTalkSponsorship